Saturday, August 30, 2008

Microsoft TechNet/MSDN - Community Content Driven By You

In my very first MVP Summit back in 2006 I ended up in a meeting of an unrelated topic to the one I was looking for due to a cancellation and I still came out ahead with some cool information. You see, way back then Microsoft was diligently working on "wikifying" TechNet and MSDN to make it more community driven. Each product group came over in their own time until now it seems you can find this little banner at the foot of every page wherever you go:


Anyone with a Windows Live ID can contribute content to any topic that has the Community Content enabled. This allows you to post your own comments, additions, links, clarifications and workarounds directly in-line with the content itself which is really neat. For more information about this, refer to the Community Content FAQ. Just get one thing straight, this is not a way to report bugs or ask questions - that is what the Connect Portal and TechNet Forums / MSDN Forums are for respectively.

If you check out the Identity Lifecycle Manager "2" (Beta) TechCenter you'll find some of my additions there. I would encourage anyone else that has had a meaningful experience or epiphany from working with the ILM 2 Betas to post their breakthroughs here as well.

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